We've got the years to prove it.

When a company has been around for over 70 years with the same family ownership, it is doing something right. We work with some of the world's best-known brands for a reason – we design solutions and deliver results.

Here are just a few of our success stories:

  • Fast design for slow motion – We designed a slow-open oven door mechanism that allows the cook to partially open the door and let go. The door continues to open fully under its own "power" with a soft, controlled motion. Our successful design required no more room than a traditional hinge, saving valuable cooking space while providing market differentiation.
  • Inexpensive and on time – Price can be everything when it comes to helping a customer keep final consumer costs low and maintain market share. Getting it to them on-time is a priority. We quickly provided a cost-effective, reliable hinge design – and now supply millions to them annually.
  • Euro design, American know-how – A customer's European source for a counterbalanced hinge couldn't deliver. We stepped in and our design, testing and production experience saved the day – and eliminated potentially unfavorable currency fluctuations.
  • Picking up the pieces, improving the product – An appliance manufacturer's existing hinge supplier discontinued production. We stepped in, took over tooling and production without disruption or increased cost, while improving upon the design and providing a more reliable mechanism.
  • Offshore expertise made easy – An offshore source was a must for a drop-down hinge on a large appliance manufacturer's clothes dryers. Through our global partnerships, we sourced a reliable supplier, meeting strict price, quality and delivery requirements.
  • There's no place like home (ours) – A Fortune 500 Company closed a division and needed to find a home for a product they produced for its sister facility. We moved the assembly lines over a weekend, ensuring continuity of supply.

A Partial List of Our Customers

Amana Commercial Products
American Range
BSH Home Appliances
Electrolux Home Products
General Electric Appliances
ITW Food Equipment Group
Magna International
Suburban Manufacturing
Truck Accessories Group
United Metal Fabricators
Wolf Appliance

Delivering Results

Below is a compilation of our videos: Our Product’s Job, One Big Family, and Custom Engineering.